The Team

Simon Kahmann

Group Leader


I am an Assistant Professor of Experimental Semiconductor Pysics at Chemnitz University of Technology and a visiting scientist in the StranksLab at the University of Cambridge.

I also co-organise the NGSE PhD/postdoc online series.


PhD student
Optical Communication


I am a Photonics CDT PhD student in Cambridge focusing on multichannel optical communication enabled through novel low-dimensional materials processed from solution. Previously, I completed my MRes at the University of Cambridge and a BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London.

Start: Jan 2023; co-supervised by Sam Stranks


PhD student
Spectroscopy & Microscopy


I am a Physics PhD student at Chemnitz University of Technology. My research explores spatially-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy on solution-processed semiconductors applied in optoelectronics. Before that, I completed my MSc at the University of Göttingen in Germany and my BEng at Huaqiao University in China.

Start: Oct 2023


PhD student, Guest
Microscopy of 2D Perovskites


Ciao! I am a Physics PhD student at the University of Cagliari, where I also completed my master’s degree. My research focuses on the photophysics of perovskites, with a particular emphasis on the study of 2D chiral perovskites.

Start: Nov 2023


PhD student
Synthesis of perovskites


I am PhD student in Materials Science working on the synthesis of halide perovskites and perovskite-inspired materials. I received both my MSc and BSc in Physics from the University of Brunei Darussalam.

Start: Nov 2023

The speckles

The Speckles are a group of StranksLab members with topics related to optical spectrosocpy, microscopy, or optoelectronic devices – in many cases with Simon acting as their daily supervisor. In addition to their regular subgroups, The Speckles meet along with Simon for deeper discussions and engagement with their research projects.

Regular speckles include Alan Baldwin, Barney Lewis, Hayley Gilbert, Cullen Chosy, Shenyu Nie, Shabnum Maqbool, and Melissa Fitzsimmons


Ayla Dekker

Master's student
Chiral Perovskites


Ayla was a visiting Master’s student from Utrecht University studying chiral 2D perovskites that joined us in Cambridge.

Feb-Jun 2023 via StranksLab

"Curiousity and a diverse skill set are our recipe for great science!”

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