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Simon Appointed 'Vertrauensdozent' by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Foundation

09-February-2024. The Friedrich-Ebert Foundation promotes democracy, political education, and supports students of outstanding intellectual abilities and personality on their path through university. Simon will contribute to the Foundation’s work in the field of natural sciences.

Apply for a PhD Scholarship!

06-February-2024. The time for ESF Plus PhD scholarship has come. Contact us now with your idea in photophysics and optoelectronics and join the team! More information can be found here.

New paper Out

22-January-2024. We have a new paper out in Matter! Check out the by Xiyu Luo on heterogeneity in blue perovskite LEDs. This project was led by Feng Gao’s group at Linkköping University and ran in collaboration through the StranksLab. 

the KahmannLab Christmas party

14-December-2023. Bringing this exciting year slowly to a close, we joined the DeibelLab for their annual visit to the Christmas market with the obligarotry hot beverage and a nice visit to the restaurant Kellerhaus.

Arina joins the KahmannLab!

20-November-2023. Another permanent member joined our group. Arina Narudin has made the large step stop from Brunei to work with us in Chemnitz on perovskite-inspired materials and their photophysics.

Welcome, Arina!

Federico visits the KahmannLab!

6-November-2023. We are very happy to be hosting Federico Pitzalis from the University of Cagliari for a few months. Federico is a doctoral student supervised by Andrea Mura on the beautiful island of Sardinia and joins us for a project on carrier diffusion in 2D perovskites.

Ciao Federico! We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Mengru Sun joins the KahmannLab!

17-October-2023. We have a new addition to the KahmannLab! Having graduated from Göttingen University with a degree in physics, Mengru joins us as the first doctoral student in Chemnitz, where to work on spectroscopy and microscopy of solution-processed semiconductors.

Welcome, Mengru – it is great to have you with us!

Winter is coming!

9-October-2023. This week, lectures are starting at Chemnitz University of Technology and we are right in the thick of it.

On Wednesday the new master-level course ‘Halide Perovskites in Optoelectronics’ will start for students of the AFM, physics, or chemistry programme. See you there!

2 PhD positions starting October 2023

11-July-2023. We have two openings for PhD students starting with us at Chemnitz University of Technology in October 2023.

One postion will focus on optical spectroscopy/microsocopy of solution-processed semiconductors & the other one will be on synthesis of perovskites and perovskite-inspired materials.

Find the official advertisements on TUC webpage (here, and here) & submit your application documents in a single .pdf to our secretary Jane quoting the references given in the ads.

Simon appointed Assistant Professor

26-May-2023. Simon was appointed Assistant Professor for Experimental Semiconductor Physics at Chemnitz University of Technology!! Over the upcoming weeks, Simon will be leaving CEB Cambridge to start his new position and lab in Germany.

Also check out the official press release.

Ayla Dekker joins as a visitor

31-Mar-2023. Ayla Dekker is joining us as a visitor. Ayla is a Master’s student at Utrech University and visits Cambridge & the StranksLab for five months to work on chiral perovskites with Simon and the team.

2D Perovskites at MATSUS23

02-Mar-2023. MATSUS23 will be starting on Monday & Simon co-organises a symposium on 2D perovskites. Looking forward to exciting sessions and stimulating discussions. Maybe also some sun down in Valencia. Make sure to come around and say hello!

Shenyu Nie hops on Board

02-Mar-2023. Somewhat belated news. Shenyu joined the KahmannLab in January to work on optical communication based on nanomaterials with a special focus on halide perovskites. Check out her bio on the Team page for more info.

The website is online

01-Mar-2023. Hello world! The KahmannLab finally has its website, and there are some great developments happenig in the background. Exciting times! Stay tuned for more to come…

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